How to make Fake Blood

WARNING: The blood in the tutorial is edible but might stain clothes, so make sure to wear old clothes!


I will show you how to make your own fake blood to put on your actors. You can buy fake blood online or in party stores but making your own can be cheaper if made correct and more satisfying!

Tutorial on how to use your fake blood. It shows you how to make a blood splatter!


  • Red food colouring (one cap, 2.5ml, half teaspoon)

  • Blue food colouring (vey small amount on cocktail stick)

  • Flour (5ml, 0.16oz)

  • Syrup (20ml, 0.67oz)

I am presuming you have these ingredients around the house but otherwise they are sold at most supermarkets. Above are the amounts of the ingredients you need, it only makes a bit for testing to make the right colour, just multiply the amounts to make more.

Quick Steps

  1. Mix 5ml of flower and 20ml syrup in mixing bowl

  2. Add one cap of red food colouring

  3. Dab (very small amount) of blue food coloring and mix in

  4. Put in container for use on set


  • RUMOUR: add washing up liquid/powder makes the fake blood wash out of clothes (not tested, only use on old clothes first)

  • Try different colours by varying amount of blue food colouring

  • Thick blood by adding chocolate sauce

  • Thinner blood by adding water

Other options