How to composite a CG Stage and add a green screen element


In this tutorial you will learn how to composite a green screen person on a CG Stage.

What you will need:
Green screen from previous tutorial
After effects or composting software
Maya (optional)

Quick Steps

  1. Import three Stage renders.

  2. Import footage element keyed

  3. Add shadows using a 3D light

  4. Position elements

  5. Colour Correction

  6. Camera move

Techniques with the CG Stage:

  • The angle of the floor of the stage and the green screen person need to be the same angle to look like the person is standing there

Improvements you could make:

  • Use tracking and put a complex camera move with a changing perspective in

  • Add another person

  • Add more detail or extend 3D stage

Download After Effects project file and Maya project file