Concussed/drunk vision in After Effects


In TV and television when someone is concussed, faint or drunk they sometimes have a view from the actors point of view which is blurred and shaky. In this tutorial it shows you how to use a simple expression to create this type of effect.


  1. Open After Effects

  2. Import your concussed/faint footage in to a new composition

  3. Duplicate the footage (ctrl + d / cmd + d)

  4. Change top layer footage’s transparency (t key) to about 40%

  5. We want the top layer footage to move on the x axis to create the effect. To do this we are going to use an expression, Alt + click on the positions (p key) stopwatch and insert the following:
    w = wiggle(3,200);
    [w[0], value[1]]

  6. Add a motion tile effect to the top footage (search for it effects and presets) and increase ‘output width’ to repeat edges that are revealed.


Wiggle expression explained


  • Add an expression control, to gain more control of the effect (topic of an upcoming tutorial)

  • Add motion blur