How to make a stunt dummy

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a stunt dummy.

Quick Steps:

  1. Bend the top of the coat-hanger to be straight

  2. Fix the coat-hanger to the peice of wood with Gaffa tape and cable ties

  3. Stick the coat-hanger in the back of the overalls with strong tape

  4. Tie up the ends of the legs and arms with cable ties

  5. Then stuff it

  6. Put the clothes on it

  7. Stuff the head

  8. Stuff the gloves and cable tie them on

  9. You are done

Filming techniques with the Dummy:

  • Make sure that the dummy is a similar size to your actor

  • When filming with the dummy try not to have it face in the shot

  • Keep the dummy shots as short as possible because if seen to long will not be believable

Improvements you could make:

  • Put a polystyrene head on it

  • Add more bones to the dummy

What you need:

  • Hat/Balaclava

  • Jumper/Hoody

  • Trousers

  • Shoes & Gloves

  • Boiler suit

  • Wooden Stick (approximately 70cm by 3cm by 1cm)

  • Metal coat-hanger

  • Cable ties

  • Something to fill it with: Newspaper or cloth