Using markers and Adjustment layers to categorise and organise footage in Premiere Pro

I do a lot of editing in Premiere with hours and hours of interviews. The idea being to cut them down to the best bits and get them into a lovely video the client will love. I also get lots of b-roll to trawl though. All this footage can get confusing and a bit daunting when starting on a project. Sometimes colouring clips just isn't enough! So I got thinking!!

I have found a way of organising and categorising your timeline and footage/photos/audio which might be useful for you. I either use named chapter makers or named adjustment layers. This mean you can easily label footage and move it in to named categories. This would be ideal for editing documentary with lots of footage.

Chapter Markers (edit the properties of the chapter marker and increase the length):


Adjustment Layers (just right click rename):

adjustment layers.jpg

They both work well. Having worked on a few projects with both, I would suggest adjustment layers work better. Chapter markers don’t move with the main timeline, which is annoying. Where the chapters are is like a separate timeline. Also adjustment layers can be moved anywhere and in my opinion easier to see. Hope this helps!!