Video/Audio usage in feature Adobe Premiere Pro

A really useful tool in Premiere Pro that isn’t turned on by default (which surprises me, it should be!) is the Audio Usage and Video Usage in the metadata.

To turn this feature on right click on the menu bar in the Project Window. Click ‘Metadata Display…‘ and in the next window check Audio Usage and Video Usage (you can use the search feature). In the field it displays how many time a video clip/audio clip has been used in your current project. If you click on the downward pointing arrow, it displays the sequences it is currently used in.

This feature is especially useful in big project with lots of clips, making it a lot easier to track them and find in lots of sequences you have.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 11.30.26 pm.png

Why is this useful to me when I’m editing?

  1. Quickly find out if you have missed out a video/audio clip from your edit. Might be an important one the client wants, but you accidentally deleted it!!

  2. Find out if you have used a clip more than once. Don’t want duplicate shots now do we!

  3. Going on the dropdown and easily finding sequences with associated clips

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 11.31.16 pm.png

Bug/Change of how it works

On the current version for me (2018) it works in a different way. I thought it was a bug to start of with! When I click the downward arrow it does nothing. This was so annoying! I found out you need to command click on a Mac and Control click the arrow on a PC for it to work! Don’t know why this changed, it didn’t used to be like this, but at least it works now.