Star Wars Uncut

Last year , just for fun, we signed up to the StarWarsUncut project. This was a great idea where the whole original film was cut up into over 400, 15 second segments. Anyone could set up a Vimeo account and pick a segment, recreate it, and post it for all to see. Who wouldn’t?!

Well, Ben and Jim couldn’t resist, and they ended up making three segments between them. No budget was allowed, so sets had to be either digital or made from what was about their garages. Plenty of green screen, deleted attempts at hand-held motion control [!] and a lot of fun trying. Needless to say, even in 1977 LucasFilm had a lot more tech than we did. Personally, I’m waiting for The Empire Strikes Back and that asteroid scene!

Here are our scenes:

The important thing is give everything a try, be very creative and learn something each time.