Forsaken Short Film: Fight scene crew and actors

We would like to thank all of those involved in the recent filming of the finale fight scene. Forsaken has been an interesting journey. A week ago, after a great deal of trouble finding a location, we shot the major fight scene finale. This included five crew, six actors and 40 bullet holes.

After a lot of pre-coreography ideas, we arrived at the factory about 10:30 on the Sunday morning. We had to dress the set a little for the key sequences that would include four deaths and an exploding oil barrel. All digital, of course.

Before we got on with any of the filming, we walked through the scenes with everyone, so they all knew where we needed to be and at what time in the sequence. This also allowed the actors to understand what their characters would be doing individually before they were systematically killed off. Aarh, the joys of post-apocolyptic movie-making.