SLUMP- 48 Hour Film- Introduction

We collected the film brief in the walled herb garden of Park Hill park. After an introduction from the organiser, we were each handed two boxes; one we picked the genre, and the other we chose two 'items' that had to  feature in the story. Our genre turned out to be comedy, and the two items we ended up with were Blanket and Skip.

We now had 48 hours to script, film and edit whatever idea we came up with.

We headed off the the nearest coffee shop to come up with ideas. That has to be one of the most creative walks we have had in weeks. Jules, who is only 11, came up with a couple of very interesting ideas that we worked with and expanded on. Ben is a passionate effects creator, so it was important to come up with a number of scenes that stretched his creative needs.

It was fairly obvious that Jim was going to star in this production. Firstly, he was crazy enough to do some pretty daft things and, secondly, there wasn't anyone else! A strong coffee, or chocolate in Jules' case, and we had the basis of the 5 minute movie. On the walk home, Jim found the huge skip at the side of the Nestle building, which was remote and out of the way enough to keep our small crew out of people's way. Ben sourced a few of the things we needed, like a kitchen cupboard!, and Jim wrote the outline script based on the ideas and draft we had put together in the coffee shop.